Transgender Translator

Update: Added TERF, Womanface, and updated Transgender

There’s a lot of confusion going around as to what words really mean, so here are some simple definitions of a few basic terms.

Ally – One who will tell the truth another may not want to hear

Biology – Study of living organisms

Female – Human capable of being impregnated via sexual activity

Gender – Polite word for sexual distinctiveness of male and female

Male – Human capable of impregnating via sexual activity

Man – Biological adult male

Pronoun – Definable first-, second-, or third-person substitute for a noun

Sex – Biological distinctiveness of male and female

TERF – Truth embracing reality figures

Transgender – Stereotype/caricature of the opposite sex, gatekeepers of the type of person other people are allowed to be attracted to

Transition – Become surgically altered to appear as a gender stereotype

Transman – Woman who lacks self-respect

Transwoman – Guy who lives a lie

Transphobia – Fear of speaking out against the lies and self-deception of harmful reductive stereotypes

Woman – Biological adult female

Womanface – Like blackface, but targets women