If You Can Make It in New York, Part 6: Let the Little Children Come to Me

That Wednesday we spent part of the day ministering to children by doing a Gospel presentation for them at a small park in Washington Heights. It included the sketch/paint board, singing, games, and a rope trick that shows people how we all need a Savior, regardless of how good or bad we think we are. I think there’s a certain giftedness in being able to communicate with children and keep their attention; you have to really get down on their level of understanding and interest without talking down to them or over their heads. That’s not always easy, but those who had the floor (or pavement, in this case) seemed to do well.

We stuck around the park for a little while after the presentation and then went on to another business area to talk to people along some sidewalks. Part of the time was spent distributing tracts with information for a church we had partnered with that day. How many of those ended up in the trash we don’t know, even though we did end up finding some there or on the ground. This place had a bit slower pace than the business area we had been on Monday, but it was still somewhat busy, and people were just as apt at not talking when approached. It was a bit discouraging. At one point, I did start to feel overheated; overheating and discouragement don’t go well together.

Then it was soon time for dinner and heading back to our temporary home; being Wednesday evening, it meant church services were happening by the time we returned. And that was the last full day of open air evangelism in New York City. One more full day in the Big Apple, part of it spent touring, and the week would be all but over.

We did have one incident that day. An older lady who was with us, Mary is her name, had a bit of a fall in one of the crosswalks. She even fell again while trying to get up. I really have to hand to her though. Most of the people who were in our overall group were young adults, but Mary managed to keep up with everyone else rather well the whole week. Not only that, but not once do I remember her complaining, even after falling. Despite the age difference, she has become one of us.

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