Captain Marvel Reminds Us the MCU Is Still a Thing

Captain Marvel is an okay entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It does a good job of reminding us it is part of this universe more than it tells us about Captain Marvel.

Creativity Is What I Am

Imagination is the only true limit to being creative.

Christmas Movies Summed Up in Four Lines of Poetry

A time for laughter A time for fun Time to ask Santa For a new BB gun. If your family doesn’t know That you’re left alone Do your best to protect From burglars your home. Way up in Vermont Where snow is so white Yet it’s not seen at all Until the last sight A […]

Donald Trump Vows to Build Fourth Wall, Make Audience Pay for It

HOLLYWOOD, CA – After a recent tour of Universal Studios, Donald Trump told his supporters at a press conference, “It’s a disgrace in there. Every stage I saw has only three walls. I love Hollywood, but that’s no way to run a business. You can’t run a business with missing walls.” Trump was informed that […]

Star Wars: The Force Remakens

Or “A New Hype” Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! The Force Spoilers! Han Solo Spoilers! This is a line Spoilers! I’m a doctor, not a spoiler Spoilers Did I mention spoilers? I’ve seen some of the Star Wars movies, but I’m not exactly a big fan of the franchise. I recently had the chance […]