Behold, Resurrection!

“Behold the Lamb!”
Christ the Savior

Collaboration Celebration

This was written in collaboration with 3 other people, inspired by the following songs: “SONG OF MY HEART” – Dave and Nicole Binion “WHO YOU SAY I AM” – Hillsong I once was a slave Bound by my sin Fighting a battle I never could win   I’m no longer a slave But a child […]

Creativity Is What I Am

Imagination is the only true limit to being creative.

Christmas Movies Summed Up in Four Lines of Poetry

A time for laughter A time for fun Time to ask Santa For a new BB gun. If your family doesn’t know That you’re left alone Do your best to protect From burglars your home. Way up in Vermont Where snow is so white Yet it’s not seen at all Until the last sight A […]

15 Recommended* Ways To Spend New Year’s Eve

This is something I wrote several years ago, but it’s become something of a tradition for me to share it each year. 15 Recommended* Ways To Spend New Year’s Eve …And Have Fun Doing It Too! Sleep the day away: When you wake up, it will be a whole new year. Write poetry. “New Year” […]

Watch My Show

(To the tune of “Let It Snow”) Oh, YouTube is rather frightening, Watch people get hit by lightning, Better upload my video Watch my show! Watch my show! Watch my show! There are people who do dumb things, Even people who cannot sing. If you want one that’s full of win Think again! Think again! […]