Getting Old

(To the tune of “Let It Go”)

The hair is white on my head top tonight
Not a dark one to be seen
Reflection in the mirror
Tells me I’m not seventeen.

And now I’m wondering why I came into this room
Not really sure, I’ll remember soon

My hearing’s gone; it’s hard to see
Growing old’s not what I thought it’d be
I’ve lost my mind, and who are you?
Cause I don’t know!

Getting old, getting old
I’m not so young anymore
Getting old, getting old
Turn up the heat. It’s cold!

I don’t know
What you’re trying to say
My hearing’s gone,
And I can’t seem to find my hearing aid!

It’s funny how my eyesight
Makes everything look small
And the glasses on my forehead
I can’t seem to find at all!

It’s time like these I miss my youth
The best that I can hope to do
Is not forget discounts for me. Stuff’s free!

Getting old, getting old
I am not so young and spry
Getting old, getting old
New things are hard to try

Tried to stand
But then I fell
Balance is gone!

My hip was fractured when I fell onto the ground
Went to the hospital and wore one of those patient gowns
My doctor says that I will not heal very fast
I’ve also thrown my back,
I really miss my past!

Getting old, getting old
Waking up at the crack of dawn
Getting old, getting old
I know it won’t be long!

One more thing
I should probably say
My memory’s gone.
Who are all of you people anyway!?

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