Let Me Describe Myself for You

…in 26 words:


-Edward Antonym

Wake Me from This Overnightmare

I mentioned in at least one other post that that I work overnights and some of its effects; I’ve been at the same place with basically the same schedule for a little over five years. Well, I’m tired of working nights, and I’m just tired from working nights. So much of the time I’m physically tired, mentally worn out, and emotionally drained. I have days in which the only thing I do outside of my job is feel burned out and try to catch up on sleep/rest. The additional side effects of working a night job are also making me realize how much of my life I’m losing or missing out on by being where I am during the time frame I am there. Whatever benefits there might be or were when I started are quickly being outpaced by the cost.

For one thing, I have moments of forgetfulness and lack of focus, which are made worse by my inability to rest. (I’ve taken melatonin to help, but my body tends to build up resistance to such things.) Because I go in on one night and leave the next day, I don’t exactly know when my day starts or ends. (Lamentations 3:23 is a hard verse in the Bible for me to grapple with because I’m not sure when morning is.) Days blend together, and I sometimes forget what the current day of the week or date on the calendar is, making it hard to remember what happened on what day, pending something out of the ordinary happened.

Another aspect is there’s not a lot of variation in terms of job functions, but the job can get stressful at times. Additionally, I’m not ashamed to let people know that I’ve struggled with depression and loneliness, and working nights does not help me overcome these obstacles; in fact, it can make me feel more unstable or on edge at times. There are other health-related problems, so between the stress of the job itself and the associated health issues from working nights, it’s like compounded interest on a down payment of death.

If you’ve read up to this point and are still with me, you might be wondering why I don’t just move to a daytime position. If not, I’m going to put that thought on your radar, as it was something I had hoped to do after certain external circumstances had changed. Unfortunately, due to reasons I don’t understand and that aren’t my call, my request to move to days was denied, and the only other option I got was worse than my current standing. In other words, I feel trapped in a downward spiral until I eventually have a nervous breakdown or collapse from exhaustion.


But there is hope, and I’m not giving up on life.

In fact, I want to find another place of employment or line of work and quit my current job. I am looking for something else, but until I find it, I can’t afford to drop what I do because I still have expenses, which means I’m kind of stuck where I am until something definitive happens. And that’s where I wanted to ask any of my readers for help. If you feel inclined to help me out in this situation, I set up a gofundme page, hoping to raise support in the meantime and maybe quit sooner. (Genuine job leads are also appreciated.) I’ll be honest and say I’ve never done this before: asking people for money for this kind of scenario, so maybe I’m crazy to try. I do believe in the value of hard work and doing something that matters, but if a job is killing you metaphorically (maybe literally through rapid aging and excess stress) and escape seems nearly impossible, a crazy request is worth a shot.

On the other hand, if you just enjoy what I do here and reading my thoughts, I also have a PayPal link. Don’t feel obligated either way. I’ll still plan to be here writing, because it’s part of how I express myself.

-Edward Antonym

Shameless Plug

I wanted to let anyone who might be interested in going beyond this blog and learning a little more about what else I do, there are a few other places where I share my work online.

Tumblr: If you’ve read enough of my posts or know me in real life, you might know I like linguistic-related stuff, such as word play and puns. I also do some photo editing and have put together some visual gags that come to mind or other things I find. I add stuff on an irregular basis.

Twitter: Not everything that comes to my mind is worth a blog-length post, but some of it is still worth sharing (or maybe I just post thoughts I shouldn’t share). It’s probably mostly one-liners, but they’re still my thoughts. Also, I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of Twitter, but it serves its purpose.

YouTube: One of my hobbies is editing videos, and I do post some of my videos here. I had wanted to pursue video editing as a possible career path, and I even have a faux company named “3 Teams Media.” But I’m not sure if that’s going to pan out (no pun intended), as I haven’t devoted a lot of time to it. However, I still do upload some stuff on occasion.

Facebook: This isn’t my personal account (though I do have one of those); rather, it is my 3 Teams Media page, which I use to upload publicly-accessible images before I put them on my Tumblr site. I probably should link more YouTube videos there, since that was the original intent of the page, but I never spent time trying to figure out how everything is integrated. So it’s mostly just images.

Anyway if you’re interested in other aspects of my creativity or just want to see what else I do besides write, feel free to visit any of those links and check out what you see.

-Edward Antonym

Decade of Driving

I’ve been driving for ten years now (January 25, 2006); I got my permit shortly after turning 21 and my license just before turning 23. I used to walk or ride a bike places, both of which come with their own challenges, but learning to drive definitely opened up some doors and brought some sense of freedom. I’ve had a few different jobs that only became possible because of driving, gone on a few road trips in which I did some or all of the driving, including to several states I’d not been to before, and it allowed me to meet people I probably would not have met otherwise. I’ve been able to explore the world a little more as a result, so learning to drive has been worth that much. Additionally, I’ve been able to purchase a vehicle that’s served me for more than half that time.

On the downside, I sometimes get tired of driving to places, especially by myself, and dealing with traffic. (I really don’t like being stuck for extended periods in a small space, such as a driver’s seat, unable to move my body much.) I’ve also had two parking tickets, one speeding ticket, and a non-contact accident (don’t ask), but I guess that’s a pretty good driving record for the length of time I’ve been allowed to drive.

Here’s to ten years of driving and whatever lies down the road ahead… as long as it doesn’t stop my car.

-Edward Antonym


Why Astrological Signs Are Equine Excrement

Have you ever heard someone when talking about birthdays use any form of the wording “you are *insert zodiac sign*” and then proceed to talk about the how and why of someone’s personality based solely on that information? But what happens if someone diverts from the expectations of a specific sign’s description? In other words, what if a person acts differently than his/her “star sign” would suggest? The problem with defining people by a star signs is that it basically pigeonholes them into certain characteristics and creates a kind of prejudice as to how a person should think or behave.

Let’s start with something basic: Humans are complex creatures. If being born “under a certain star sign” caused/revealed certain personality traits, there would only be about twelve different personality types, and humans would be a lot less complex. You can’t really judge how people will think or behave, based solely on what time of year they’re born. Even people who are born within the same time frame for whatever constellation might have completely dissimilar personalities, and/or they might approach the same issue from different angles or generally see the world very differently. Additionally, each person can come across differently to other people because of individual personality traits.

Not only could multiple people born around the same time of year have different personalities, but two people born under different signs could also have similar traits. If I had to guess, I’d say each of us has at least one or two personality traits in common with each person we encounter, regardless of birthday. In fact, if you read descriptions for each of the signs, you might find bits of yourself in multiple signs or even discover variations for the same sign, so the descriptions are somewhat of a cosmic guessing game.

Basically, our personality and traits can and tend to change over time; that’s just part of life. Granted, there are aspects of each of us that may never change, but if you let a star or constellation define people, you really only limit yourself and others you encounter. And then you’ll probably wonder why they act differently than their star sign tells you they should, and you may even react negatively when they do.

It’s Official

To celebrate the new year, I decided to buy my very first Web site and register my own domain name. I don’t know what all I’ll do with it that I haven’t already been doing with this space, but my name exists as a URL now.

edwardantonym.wordpress.com has now become edwardantonym.com

Sorry I don’t have anything profound or poetic to write this time, but I wanted to give an update and have a mini celebration.

Happy New Year!

-Edward Antonym

15 Recommended* Ways To Spend New Year’s Eve

This is something I wrote several years ago, but it’s become something of a tradition for me to share it each year.

15 Recommended* Ways To Spend New Year’s Eve

…And Have Fun Doing It Too!

  1. Sleep the day away: When you wake up, it will be a whole new year.
  2. Write poetry. “New Year” rhymes well: “Two deer,” “Who here,” “You hear?” “Boo! Cheer!” “Bluebeard.”
  3. Make resolution not to follow the crowd because “Hey, everyone else is making resolutions.”
  4. Wipe down a chalkboard: Start the new year with a clean slate.
  5. Prepare “First to do/be/say” list for tomorrow. Start following the list at Midnight to claim bragging rights; everyone else will love you for it.
  6. Brace for tomorrow’s “I remember last year as though it were yesterday” jokes. Be the first to say this at Midnight because the more times you hear/say it, the less funny it is. (You might as well try to be the funniest person.)
  7. Get a compass: Start the new year with some direction.
  8. Draw blueprints: Have a plan for next year.
  9. Stand on one foot until Midnight, then switch to the other. It is suggested to begin with the left, so you can start the new year on the right foot.
  10. Make list of things to put off until next year; #1: that list of things to put off.
  11. Scream at the top of your lungs at precisely 11:59:59 PM: End the year on a high note.
  12. Figure out some equations and later brag about having used your time to wisely solve some complex problems before the new year started.
  13. If attending a party, leave hosts shortly before Midnight saying, “I’ll see you next year.” Return shortly afterward.
  14. Complain about something that will take until next year to complete. Make it simple; everyone else will love you for it.
  15. Make others groan or laugh one final time for the year: show them this list.

*Not recommended if you don’t have a sense of humor or the desire to be annoying