Murphy’s La

This idea spawned from a pun. There’s even a tune that’s probably just as bad.

Murphy’s La is the name of this song
It’s about all these things that could go wrong
Your house could burn down when you step out
You could be struck blind and stumble about
An airplane could fall down from the sky
It might hit you, and then you would die
You’re running late, and you lose your keys
And suddenly develop undiagnosed allergies
What else could go wrong? You wonder now
What if you were hit by a falling cow?
Where’d this cow come from? You don’t really care.
‘Cause you’ve just been bitten by a rabid hare.
You think you couldn’t have any worse luck
But out of your eye you spy a runaway truck.
The truck is moving out of control
You step out of the way but fall in a hole
Your day’s getting worse, and it’s not even nine
Now you’re being laughed at by some neighborhood mime
Does my neighborhood have a mime? You ask.
Nope, somewhere else. He was just walking past.
You climb out of the hole, and your whole body shakes
And then you hear a snap as your leg breaks.
Your day’s getting started, and it’s gonna get worse
But that’s just the end of the very first verse.

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